Proof and Uncircualted Palladium Eagles

Proof and Uncircualted Palladium Eagles

With the expected approval of legislation to create American Palladium Eagles, coin collectors will have some very unique numismatic versions of the coin to look forward to.

The Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to mint and issue both collectible uncirculated and proof versions of the coin. The designs would be the same as the bullion version, with Winged Liberty appearing on the obverse and a likeness of the 1907 AIA Medal on the reverse, both rendered in high relief. The finish treatment may allow for some unique innovation by the United States Mint.

Under the authorizing legislation, to the greatest extent possible, the surface treatment of each year’s proof and uncirculated version must differ in some material way from the preceding year. Until this point, the US Mint had generally used a single type of finish for the collectible versions of other bullion coin programs. One exception was the reverse proof coins issued for the 20th anniversary of the Gold and Silver Eagles and the 10th anniversary of the Platinum Eagle. Collectors might receive similar innovation for the collectible Palladium Eagles.

An additional stipulation of the legislation required that the proof versions of the Palladium Eagle must be struck at the West Point Mint. The bullion versions are required to be struck at a different facility.

The possible variety of finishes for the Proof and Uncirculated Palladium Eagles will add some variation for the offering from year to year. The door is open for the US Mint to make some innovative and exciting choices for the numismatic versions of the coins.